Much as we’d all like to see our respective populations protest the outrageous eradication of our rights and freedoms under the excuse of a bad flu, when something is so heavily advertised and pushed out by the mainstream media, it makes me wonder if the public are being set up by their own state to bring about the very thing the state wants.

We’re now seeing an advertisement for mass rallies which are planned to take place in the UK this coming weekend, Saturday 16th May, with a number of posters circulating on social media, mainly Facebook, urging people to gather en masse for rallies in England, Scotland and Wales. (Do not take this article as an advertisement. It is simply to point out my personal concerns over these mass gatherings; ‘mass gatherings’ being the same terminology used by the state to categorise meetings of anything between two and ten people.)

The first thing that strikes me about this is that it has been circulating social media for over a week now and yet has not been censored as have many such posts recently. It is being organised by a group calling itself the UK Freedom Group.  They state that they will abide by ‘social distancing’ guidelines.

Why would you advertise when and where you are going to be on such a wide scale to alert police agencies and agent provocateurs (the same thing) or to anyone who simply wants to cause trouble,  as to the location of a mass protest? These agencies have now had at least 10 days to prepare their forces to combat such rallies and to have all personnel and equipment ready to counter such gatherings. They have announced that they already have ‘contingencies’ in place. No mention is made of what these are. This is a well-known recipe for conflict.

The state will welcome such protests as it will reinforce their narrative that there most certainly will be a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 later this year. This is a bizarre statement in and of itself in that normally viruses of this category generally disappear in spring and even according to much inflated and deliberately lied about figures, this is showing to be the case with Covid-19.

The British government is delighted and surprised that the British people have been so compliant with their house arrest situation and there has been next to no resistance to it other than a few brave individuals who have taken it upon themselves to venture out without masks and walk or sit where they want regardless of police harassment. There have been a few arrests.

However, the lock up has been so successful in the UK, due to the near total compliance brought about by propaganda engendered fear perpetrated on the British public deliberately through the media, that the state now has very little leeway to justify its claim of a second wave of Covid-19 later this year. What better way to revitalise that narrative than to organise ‘mass gatherings’, (is this a code term for operatives around the country?) cause widespread riots in many UK cities, use this as further evidence that perhaps the military have to help the overstretched police force and to blame such gatherings for a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 this year, further extending and reinforcing the lock up in even more Draconian measures, such as martial law?

The signs are certainly there that this is not a grass roots organisation involved with these rallies and as such I would be very wary of them.

My suggestion would be what could be called the ‘I am Spartacus’ approach where small groups of local people got together and started their own localised civil disobedience campaigns, each and every person refusing to comply with any official demanding names and addresses or any other information. Do not reply to any questions, do not comply with any illegal orders (those being orders given by police and other authority agents which clearly infringe upon your civil liberties under what little law we have left) and generally go about their daily business completely ignoring diktats from supermarkets etc. which treat us as children with ridiculous demands to walk in a certain direction in their shops. Of course, people will say that it ended badly for Spartacus and that his rebellion was ultimately futile, but I would disagree. Spartacus held off the Roman empire’s legions for at least 2 years and gave slaves their only period of freedom in that era. It is now clear that we are becoming similar slaves to a global tyranny similar to the Roman Empire of that time and much the same as Spartacus and his peers rose up against.

All resistance is necessary against tyrants.

At the same time, be respectful of people who are living in fear, fuelled by TV and print media.

Furthermore, all businesses need to open up to restart local economies. Put the onus on the authorities to act in what is clearly an illegal manner by forcing you to close and enforcing poverty on yourself and employees. This is an inhuman restriction of your right to provide for your family. You cannot comply with laws which will inevitably result in the total economic collapse of your own family unit, friends and the wider economy.

That is insanity.

Getting back to the ‘mass gatherings’. I’m not saying that people should not attend these rallies, but what I would say is this.

All such rallies should be peaceful. (These are clearly stated as such) They should involve people from all walks of life, all age groups and all races. If this is not the case, for example, if these are primarily attended by young men with face coverings etc., who may be acting aggressively towards frontline police officers or damaging property or engaging in the slightest attempt to cause trouble by any means, then you need to get as far away from that situation as possible. These are not genuine protesters and should either be pointed out to the police on site or confronted directly. However, clearly identifiable police officers on site may well ignore such assistance due to the ‘troublemakers’ being part of a police undercover unit. This is unfortunately a well-used tactic by the state to bring about a situation they need to justify further action as outlined above, such as riots and the instigation of martial law.

The organisers of these ‘mass gatherings’ will be blamed for the ensuing situation and there will be many arrests. Blame will be attributed to a few individuals and punishment meted out publically to discourage further ‘mass gatherings’.

The posters circulating social media, as mentioned above, could well be the catalyst for a state operation to encourage large groups of people to be in close proximity of each other so that they can be blamed for spreading Covid-19. This narrative is already being rolled out by Sky News reporting in the US that protesters in Wisconsin MAY have infected each other whilst meeting at protests. This is a typical mainstream report claiming something which may or may not have happened with absolutely no evidence to back up their ‘story’ (fable) or any attempt made to investigate such claims or even containing any degree of journalistic integrity.

This is nothing more than a sound bite to put into the minds of the public that protesters are irresponsible people who do not care about saving lives. Of course, the opposite is true with evidence now showing that more deaths are occurring in locked up countries than in those where no lock up occurred. These are facts which you need to check for yourself. You will not believe them otherwise.

The Daily Mail in the UK is also priming the public with their ‘story’ (fable) where they allege that the organisers, UK Freedom Group, are a cover for what they label ‘anti-vaxxers’. It seems that anyone who wishes to protest against being under indefinite house arrest, the loss of their livelihoods, Draconian legislation akin to Communist China, their whole way of life, modes of behaviour and social interaction (a natural human state) being destroyed and untested biological and chemical agents being forced upon them is crazy.

Well, if any of you think they are crazy then I suggest you stay locked up in your homes, take every piece of junk science to heart, while it still beats, have no freedom whatsoever and kowtow to thugs masquerading as police officers or military personal for the rest of your lives. You can then look your children and grandchildren in the eye, if you live long enough or are even able to have children after your mandatory, untested‘vaccine’ (Would you get on an aeroplane that had never had a test flight?) which will permanently alter your DNA, (the first ever experimental ‘vaccine’ of this type) courtesy of depopulation fanatic and eugenicist Bill Gates, and tell those children what you did to defend them from tyranny back in 2020. Good luck with that approach.

The police are stating that people should not attend such events. That being the case, why is the Daily Mail advertising such events with a number of the posters in their article? They are labelling such protesters indirectly as potential biological terrorists. Would they advertise a rally for the IRA? I doubt it. The state would forbid it. So why haven’t they forbidden this? Clearly they want these rallies to go ahead as a means to their pre-planned end.

The Daily Mail further denigrates ‘anti-vaxxers’ as myth pushers. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is described as a ‘disgraced’ scientist who wrongly linked the MMR vaccine with autism. The term, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” comes to mind. I think Dr. Andrew Wakefield falls into the latter with Bill Gates falling into the biological terrorist slot.

These gatherings are further described by unnamed useful idiots, if they exist at all, as ‘an act of stupidity’ and those people were ‘morons who happily put their families and the NHS at risk’. There is also mention made of declining uptake of vaccines. There is a giveaway to the real intent of the ‘anti-vaxxer’ meme.

The most interesting comment comes near the end… “At this point I think it’s just Darwinism.”

If we turn that quote on its head, yes, it is just Darwinism, survival of the fittest. The fittest are those that use their intelligence to think critically about all they’re told, especially when the facts refute the official line, and the official line comes from mainstream media which lacks in any form of credibility and lies consistently to parrot government propaganda.

So, let the fittest human beings survive in a world of weak, cowardly, mindless robots who are happy living in their new nanny state servitude. Get out and protest in any way you can but just be aware that the state may well have planned these events, and if not, they’ll certainly want to use them to achieve a specific goal.

That goal may well become a lot clearer when the dust settles in parks around the UK on Saturday evening, and I’m sure Boris Johnson et al will have a script already written for such eventualities to spew forth in his Sunday Covid-19 propaganda slot.