Is there something sinister behind the Pharmaceutical/Medical Community’s fear of high-dose Vitamin D3?


In fact, my whole life I have been just the opposite – one of those who ridiculed people who engaged in conspiracy babble talk, thinking of course that they had to be borderline paranoid schizophrenics!

But that was then and this is now. I am starting to wonder.

What is the possible conspiracy I might have uncovered? The almost criminal advice that doctors have been giving us for years. To stay out of the Sun, use lots of sunscreen, and not take too much Vitamin D because it is dangerous!

Since about 1980, when doctors first started warning us to stay out of the Sun and use sunscreen, we have seen an explosive epidemic of rises in the rate of obesity, autism, asthma, strokes during pregnancy, and many more problems.

I don’t think it is a conspiracy of doctors. I believe doctors in general want to do the right thing. My father is a Stanford-educated M.D., who over my lifetime made sure that I knew that anyone proposing alternative health care and ideas was a quack. I truly believe that he himself truly believed that what he believed was the truth. And I believed him for a while.

On the other hand, I was also reared by a mother whose mind was so open that her brain sometimes fell out! I remember once coming home from high school to find her conducting an in-home seminar with a bunch of little old ladies holding little pyramids attached to strings, over their heads, and trying to get them to line up with magnetic north to generate the healing vibrations in their brains!

I guess I ended somewhere in the middle of these two as far as skepticism goes. Well, let’s quit reminiscing and get right to the point of this article.
High school to find her conducting an in-home seminar with a bunch of little old ladies holding little pyramids attached to strings, over their heads, and trying to get them to line up with magnetic north to generate the healing vibrations in their brains!

I guess I ended somewhere in the middle of these two as far as skepticism goes. Well, let’s quit reminiscing and get right to the point of this article.

My whole life I have had medical issues. As a child I had asthma, ADHD, and scleroderma morphea (a weird collagen disease that causes a saber (sclero) cut to grow through your body’s tissues starting with the skin (derma)). It can be fatal in some if it affects deeper tissues, but in my case it just gave me a bald slice on my head. After age 28, I started accumulating injuries and medical issues that just lingered and doctors could not heal – such as yellow toenail fungus under the nails, a subcutaneous cyst on my face, a hip-click, a bone spur on the end of elbow, a ganglion cyst on my wrist, and arthritic and popping shoulders and back.

After doing years and years of independent research on aging and disease, I ran across an article that suggested 80% of people with aches and pains are deficient in Vitamin D3. I found this article when I was about 43 or so. As soon as I read it, I started taking 4,000 IUs a day of Vitamin D3 (10 times the recommended daily dose of 400 IUs), and within a month all of my arthritic issues went away. The hip click, yellow toenails, ganglion cyst, subcutaneous cyst, and hip click, however remained.

Flash forward about six years and I heard from my father – who had been taking 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3 a day (5 times the recommended daily dose) due to my persistent nagging – that his Vitamin D3 blood test had come back and it was 29 ng/ml. That is 1 milligram lower than the lowest end of the reference range, meaning he should have already been dead!

This was my Eureka moment.

I guessed that I might come from a family that is genetically programmed to be low in D3, so I upped my dose to 20,000 IUs a day, and later boosted it to 50,000 and even 100,000 IUs a day – and the rest is (my) history.

Within a month I started feeling pain in all my bones and joints that had never healed properly but I was not scared since in my research I had read that rats whose legs were broken and given D3 had perfectly healed breaks, while the control rats had breaks with a large remaining callous around the repair. I also learned that Vitamin D3 is not a Vitamin at all. It was just mislabeled when discovered in 1920. It is actually a hormone that is made when sunshine hits your skin, but you can also get it through your diet. That is why

it was called a vitamin, because dogs who were raised completely indoors, when fed cod liver oil, did not get bone deformities called Ricketts. So they thought it was a vitamin that had to be obtained from the diet, but it is now known that all you have to do is sit in the Sun to make this sunshine hormone.

Apparently cod make it too!

Within five months I noticed my yellow toenails were clearing up, my hip click was resolving, my shoulders were being repaired even better than before (at 4,000 IUs a day). And after a year of high-dose therapy, I noticed that my bone spur on my elbow had disappeared, my subcutaneous cyst popped on its own and is gone, and my ganglion cyst shrank from being like half a fleshy golf ball to the size of a rock-hard, painless pea.

This got me to thinking. Why would evolution evolve such a hormone that is triggered by sunshine? And it initially led me to the idea of the Incomplete Repair Syndrome, where if nature thinks you are stuck in Winter where resources will be scarce, and chances of famine are great, it will repair and maintain you just enough to get by and no more. Then, when your body gets the signal that Summer is here and there is plenty of Sun and resources available, your body will then undo the incomplete repairs and redo them using all the resources necessary because evolution has designed your body to believe that resources are abundant in the sunny Summer months.

Although I am not obese, this also started getting me to think about human hibernation. I then looked up D3 levels in obese people, and lo and behold, obese people are overwhelmingly deficient in Vitamin D3! This led me to the next idea of the higherlevel syndrome – the Human Hibernation Syndrome – where if someone attains low levels of Vitamin D3 and then maintains them all year and then all lifelong by avoiding the Sun and slathering their skin with sunscreen, they eventually will get obese to prepare for the winter famine. A large drop in Vitamin D3 levels, it turns out, is a major signal for black bears to begin hibernating!

In addition to packing on a large number of pounds, I posited that the Human Hibernation Syndrome also causes you to develop behaviors

and physical conditions to reduce the expenditure of precious energy. With this in mind, Human Hibernation Syndrome also causes people to become depressed so they would rather remain housebound than out and about burning energy. It also makes humans more susceptible to the common cold, which is normally harmless but requires you to stay in bed for a week or two and also conserves precious energy. Arthritis? Well, that could also cause you to refrain from lots of energy expenditure by running about, or it could just be a tool of the Incomplete Repair Syndrome to conserve precious repair resources. I think maybe both are true for arthritis. I then read or browsed all 52,000 science articles that have been published in various medical and science journals from 1967 to present available

on the Pub Med database (now there are 55,000 articles!) and discovered that low D3 levels are associated with almost every disease known to man not caused by aging or genetic mutations.

Here is a sample: autism, asthma, diabetes types 1 and 2, multiple sclerosis, lupus, all kidney diseases, lung diseases, 17 types of cancer, glaucoma, macular degeneration, ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hypertension, macular degeneration, Rheumatoid and normal arthritis, obesity, depression, ALS, schizophrenia, allergies, tuberculosis, heart disease/failure and hypertrophy, ulcers, cavities, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, psoriasis, dandruff, pregnancy complications, premature births, miscarriage, small babies, ill babies, death during childbirth, migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, PMS,and cavities in kids! Any common disease in humans seems to be caused by low levels of Sun exposure and thus low levels of Vitamin D3 in your blood!

Now think about this – if all of these things could be cured or prevented by boosting your blood levels of Vitamin D3 from the 30 ng/ml level, which is typical, to the 80-100 ng/ml level, what do you think would happen to the profits generated by drugs produced and sold by the Pharmaceutical Industry, and to the livelihoods of so many doctors treating these diseases if it became known that D3 was the superior treatment for all of this? The profits and jobs would disappear overnight!

So, since we are all going to die anyway someday, one might imagine an evil Big Pharma executive who somehow knows this information (and should know) that I just stumbled upon, thinking …”Vitamin D3 is the enemy of our existence! We must suppress the idea of taking high-dose D3 at all costs!!” It was not that hard of a nut for me to crack on my own; and, if I did it, just little old me, how is it that all these years of research by Big Pharma into all these different drugs didn’t already find this out a long time ago?

All of their drugs seem to be trying to do what high-dose Vitamin D3 does. But when they give their drugs that mimic Vitamin D3 in high doses, because their drugs are not D3, the “Sunshine hormone,” their drugs have all sorts of nasty side effects.

Why might they do such a thing, I imagine, if they have knowledge of the curative effects of high-dose D3 (which they should)?

Answer: To make a profit, because they cannot patent Vitamin D3, a natural substance.

If they cannot patent it, I am beginning to wonder if the few pharmaceutical-industry executives who know this truth decided to demonize highdose Vitamin D3 by creating a fear of scary side effects, such as excess calcification of tissues (which does occur at doses of 1 million IUs or more per day!) and drumming the idea into all medical students that high-dose D3 is very dangerous!

In my research on D3, I looked at all of the science articles in Pub Med that describe Vitamin D3 toxicity and discovered that almost all of them are reports from doctors who describe patients who took what they thought were relatively huge doses of D3 for long periods and yet had no ill effects. The doctors were utterly dumbfounded, as it contradicted everything they had learned in medical school!

One other thing I learned was that the effects of extreme high-dose D3 are very similar to the effects of a Vitamin K2 deficiency – so if you decide to take high-dose D3, make sure you also take a lot of Vitamin K2 just to be safe.

So, am I now a paranoid believer in conspiracy theories like one where “Big Pharma” has intentionally taught doctors in medical school that high doses of D3 are bad for you so that they could go on selling their side-effect causing drugs to make huge profits? Not yet. I would rather believe that this is all just a matter of huge incompetence, and that the Pharmaceutical Industry’s refusal to study D3 treatments and drugs stems from the fact that the industry’s belief that it cannot create a profit on a substance that is not patentable.

So it is up to you to decide –
Is there something sinister behind the pharmaceutical/medical community’s fear of high-dose Vitamin D3?