by Gabriel Donohoe – Written originally for One World Chronicle

This piece was inspired by French writer Ēmile Zola who, in 1898, wrote one of the most famous open letters in history. It was addressed to the President of France and was published on the front page of the newspaper, L’Aurore. The letter was entitled “J’Accuse…!” [“I Accuse…!”] and scandalized the French Government of the day over what became known as the Dreyfus Affair. Zola’s letter stirred great anger and indignation among the people of France and is still remembered to this day.)In the spirit of Ēmile Zola, I accuse the international banksters of conspiring to wreck the global economy so that they can consolidate power and control. These banksters, though few in number, effectively run the world and are often referred to as The Power Elite, The Money Power, The Illuminati, and various other names. This Money Power (a term coined by U.S. President Martin Van Buren) is nothing more than an evil cabal of gangsters. They are mass murderers, warmongers, tyrants, thieves, and inveterate liars and are utterly devoid of any human decency or compassion.

I accuse these banksters of setting up their own private worldwide monetary system by stealth, a device whereby they create ‘money’ out of nothing and charge interest on this nothing-ness, a crime of usury. This is an elaborate Ponzi scheme which is designed to steal from the people and keep them in poverty and despair.

I accuse the banksters of constructing vehicles like The World Bank/IMF, the Bank for International Settlements, and the global network of national central banks to enforce their own self-serving agenda and to control the economies of the world for their own profit and pleasure.

I accuse the Money Power of subverting governments and global institutions (like the UN, WTO, WHO, etc.) and corrupting them to act in the interests of the few loathsome banksters who control and direct the entire financial policy of the world.

I accuse the banksters of imposing a monetary system on the people of the world that fraudulently enriches the banksters and drives all debt, public and private, up to four times what it should be. (When you take out a mortgage you spend many years of your precious life’s energy paying not only for your own house but also for the equivalent of 2 to 3 houses for the banksters who did not lend you as much as one cent of their money in the first place.)

I accuse the Money Power of criminally imposing a vast range of needless taxes and levies (including income tax) on the people to pay for the huge sums of interest charged on “loans” – national, commercial, and private – which were manufactured out of thin air at no cost to the banks.

I accuse the Troika of the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the EU Commission of forcing “loans” onto the people of Ireland to pay for the criminal excesses of private banks.

I accuse Patrick Honohan and his predecessors of running the Irish Central Bank according to the interests of the House of Rothschild and not the Irish people.

I accuse these executives of the Central Bank of colluding with the commercial banks and with past and present governments to deceive and unlawfully extort money from the Irish people. And I accuse the executives of the commercial banks and financial institutions in Ireland of a mass misappropriation of wealth from the entire Irish nation.

I accuse past and present Irish governments of selling out the people and abdicating national sovereignty in favour of the Money Power.

I accuse venal politicians of feathering their own nest to the detriment of the very people who elected them and to whom they owe their undiluted loyalty.

I accuse the Irish Government and all its ministers of unprecedented treachery by inflicting huge private bank debt on the backs of the Irish people for many years to come.

I accuse the government ministers of Fine Gael for not only renegingon their promises to undo the evils of the Fianna Fáil regime but ofimposing additional and unnecessary hardships on the Irish people at the behest of the Money Power and their institutional thugs, the IMF

I accuse all members of the Oireachtas of failing to inform themselves about how the banksters fraudulently create money out of nothing and of not discussing and debating this crucial subject in the Dail and the Senate. (TDs and senators should be forced to explain why they haven’t proposed a Monetary Reform Bill similar to Congressman Kucinich’s HR 2990 or any other honest alternative where money is created as something of value, not interest bearing debt.) And I accuse all senior civil servants and others in positions of influenceor authority of failing to act honourably in the full interests of the peoplewho entrusted their power to them.

I accuse the judiciary of allowing themselves to be co-opted by the Money Power and of colluding with the banksters to deny justice to so-called “borrowers” by permitting private homes and businesses to be seized for the non-payment of “monies” that never existed or were never owned by the banks in the first place.

I accuse the courts and the police service of assisting bailiffs and ‘receivers’ to break into and seize properties on behalf of fraudulent banks that have no lawful rights whatsoever to these properties. And I accuse the courts and police service of jailing people innocent of any common law crimes. Just as Ēmile Zola inflamed French public opinion by exposing the unlawful imprisonment of Captain Dreyfus one must consider today the unjust and disgraceful treatment of people like Brigid McCole, Frank McBrearty, and Sean Quinn Junior.

I accuse the mainstream media of misinforming the people and failing to properly investigate issues of national concern.

I accuse them of refusing to ask the hard questions and of ignoring transgressions committed by politicians and corporate villains in banking and other sectors.

I accuse them of pandering to corporate and government advertisers and of passing off corporate propaganda as news.

I accuse them of selling out their integrity and behaving as journalistic whores or presstitutes, an apt word coined by Gerald Celente.

I accuse the senior officers and executives of the pharmaceutical and medical industries of putting profits before human health.

I accuse them of making vast fortunes from disease and human misery – apparently there is more money to be made from treating disease rather than curing it.

I accuse them of inventing diseases and of scaremongering the people with recent hypes about Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Covid 19 and other such manufactured nonsense. And I accuse them of ridiculing or suppressing natural cures that been proven as cheap, safe, and effective.

I accuse the magnates in the food industry of filling their products with chemical poisons and all sorts of cancerous toxins.

I accuse those in the GMO and chemical industries of criminal destruction of our soil, seeds, and environment – reviled companies like Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, DuPont, and other plundering malefactors.

I accuse Monsanto in particular of trying to patent the very food given to us by our Great Creator and by subjugating the people to their despicable, high-priced frankenfoods.

I accuse the big wigs in the energy industry of bleeding the people unnecessarily by manipulating oil, gas, and electricity prices and disseminating the great lie of ‘peak oil.’

I accuse these greedy crooks of suppressing natural and alternative sources of energy that are clean, abundant, and virtually free. Oh, what a difference it would make to our people, and to people of all nations, to have access to free energy to run our homes, our offices, and our vehicles.

I accuse all those in academia of providing sub-standard education to our children and of neglecting to teach them the full truth and in-depth details in their chosen field of study. I particularly cite the bankster-sponsored schools of economics where students are only taught the narrow parameters of economics that do not challenge the fraudulent activities of the banksters.

Finally, I accuse those members of the general public who sleepwalk through life and refuse to question the lies and propaganda put to them as the truth.

I also accuse them of turning against their fellow citizens who have awakened from their slumber and are trying to alert everyone to the dangers that are descending upon them. I accuse them of ridiculing their enlightened comrades who would save them from economic slavery and deliver them into a world of peace, good health, and abundance.