As you must have realised by now, the country and the world are in dire straits.

With this realisation, it must be clear now that to sit in your homes doing nothing to stem the tide of tyranny is akin to watching your own children and grandchildren slowly starve to death. That is not an option.

We have finally come to the point in history where the ruling elite of the world have flicked the switch in their last ploy to enslave humanity for their own gain. That gain is nothing short of a global tyranny which will eventually entrap the whole world. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this surveillance grid utopia of a eugenicist elite hell bent on ruling a relatively few number of human beings as their slave class.

This is well underway with the drive for Covid-19 testing and contact tracing being the smokescreen to enable technology to spy on us every second of the day wherever we go and on whoever we come in contact with in any way. Social distancing is just another ploy to further eradiacte natural human interaction and social behaviour. There will be no return to normality as we once knew it, however flawed that may have been.

This cannot be allowed to come to pass. We must do everything in our power, however minor that may seem, to fight this evil in every way we can.

With this in mind, we have launched our first edition of The Irish Sentinel newspaper. It is a short sample of articles directly related to some of the major aspects of this unfolding totalitarian world which is clearly being unveiled.

This newspaper has been produced and funded by a few consciensious and determined people who will not simply lay down and take this. It will be distributed throughout Ireland and other parts of the world for free. Please share it with your family and friends and as many other people who are willing to read the hard facts of what is really going on under the guise of Covid-19.

There will also be a PDF of the newspaper available on the site for free download soon. This PDF will be expanded in the near future to include more articles and is a work in progress.

Anyone who wishes to provide articles for a possible next edition subject to funding, or for inclusion in PDFs, can do so by submitting them to

Although this is a free handout, both in hard copy and in PDF format, all donations, however small, would be welcome to try to ensure that we can print further editions in the future.

For further information and how you can get involved, please contact