By Neil Foster

There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ should be a term familiar to us all. Nothing is free unless it is given freely from one to another with no reciprocation expected or required. A simple ‘thank you’ is enough. It is a gift.

When it was announced that every American would receive $1,200 of ‘stimulus’ money from the government, or $2,400 for couples who had filed a joint tax return, there was a small sigh of relief, albeit short lived. It is akin to cutting off someone’s legs and offering them a single crutch to get around.

Of course, this was money created out of thin air and will have to be recouped somehow, but people don’t seem to grasp that fact and go out to frivolously purchase the latest 85” super tech TVs and phones. Basically, they bought an even bigger propaganda machine and an even more sophisticated tracking device, to not only be brainwashed better but also to be tracked and traced with every new app they’ll undoubtedly be told to download on their new, smartest of the smart mobile spy. Big Brother is not only in your living, bedroom, kitchen and anywhere else you have a TV, he’s also in your pocket wherever you happen to be, every hour of every day, forever.

Not only that, there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’, or as mentioned above, ‘free’ money. It will have to be paid back somehow and as soon as possible. That trick has has already been put in place.

What has been called a ‘stimulus check’ has also been called a ‘recovery rebate’. The word ‘rebate’ should give a clue as to how this money has to be taken back, and indeed, when you read the small print, there it is in black and white for anyone who can read it.

You might have heard the payment called a ‘recovery rebate’, instead of a stimulus check. That’s because it’s technically a tax credit that is set to appear on the return you’ll file for the 2020-21 tax year.

So there you have it. Next year when you file, in my case as a married couple, I am already $2,400 in hoc to the IRS so any rebate I’m due will first have this amount deducted. If I’m due a tax rebate of less than this amount, I will of course receive a bill of the balance to be paid to them. For anyone on social security who received a ‘stimulus check’ it is unclear how this will be recouped but there are a number of options for it.

hands bound men and money in the hands – a symbol of slavery

Unpaid labour is an obvious asset to any government. They already use prisoners for this in many areas, but with a vast army of unemployed ready and willing to do anything to get more ‘free money’ this is an obvious ploy for government to use.

And talking of armies, cannon fodder needs to be cheap and I’m sure, yet again in a time of mass unemployment, especially amongst the young, there will be no shortage of ‘volunteers’ ready to put their lives on the line for that ‘free money’ and three meals a day. I think the re-introduction of ‘national service’ or conscription is a real possibility. And again, ‘national service’ doesn’t have to be in the military. It can be anything the government decides it wants to use you for.

Snitching has also become a ‘new normal’ as much as protesters would like to believe that ‘new normals’ have not been properly put in place yet. It could be argued that snitches are nothing new, and I would agree. However, people are being openly encouraged, and enticed with rewards, to snitch on anyone they like, whether they do anything deemed outside the parameters of ‘stay home’ diktats’ or not. This is obviously open to malicious reporting on anyone you don’t happen to get along with. This type of snitch culture will undoubtedly get worse and snitches will be used in large numbers in the very near future to spy on neighbours and even friends if it means ‘free money’ to feed their families, which would be a moral dilemma to most, or to simply indulge themselves in alcohol or drugs, which to addicts their actions would have no basis in morality.

Voluntary work has been touted over the past few years as something noble to give back to your community. That will become involuntary and you will have no choice as to what you’re told to ‘volunteer’ for.

Parents with children may now also have to become permanent teacher’s aids as online classrooms become the new normal way of indoctrinating children. How this would be enforced is another matter, although I have heard it touted that virtual truancy officers would be used to ensure that parents and children comply and turn up at specified times for lessons in front of their computers to ensure they are getting a state ‘education’. Fines and possibly imprisonment for parents would be issued if non-compliance is observed. What then for the children? Of course, if you have to stay home, as is the case now to act as an education worker to teach your own children from 8am to 4pm, you cannot possibly hold down a job, unless you do so outside those hours. That is impossible for most people as they still have to be at home for their children ‘after school’.

Many families living in poverty don’t even have access to computers and therefore cannot comply with education diktats. However, in the state which I live, a number school buses have been fitted out with WiFi to convert them to mobile hotspots providing internet services to those who can’t afford them. Having asked a school bus driver I know if these were fitted out with 5G transmitters she stated that she didn’t know, but that remains to be seen. These will be driven to locations across the state where parents are then expected to drive their children to do lessons in a vehicle, something akin to a drive-in school. But how can this possibly make sense? If you don’t have a computer because you are living in poverty, what good is the Internet to you? And would you have a car and be able to afford the fuel to get to a specified location which may be many miles from your home? I wonder what genius was highly paid to come up with this nonsense?

Further rollout of ‘stimulus checks’ in the near future are already being discussed with one proposal being to give every American $2,000 a month for 12 months. That is clearly something which will create huge debt, because as stated above, there is no such thing as ‘free money’. This will have to be paid back somehow. There will be conditions. What those conditions are is yet to be determined but I would imagine they will definitely include mandatory testing for Covid-19 and of course, mandatory vaccinations down the line.

If the powers that should never be start to dish out money like confetti, it is nothing more than a dependency trap for all of us. We will be left in dire straits as the amounts of ‘free money’ start to be reduce or stop altogether leaving us at the mercy of a ruthless political class and their corporate masters intent on keeping the ‘useless eaters’ in their place. Permanently.