We’ve all heard of so-called ‘spin doctors’ in the political world and other ‘public relations’ organisations, polling companies and any other entity who works on your psyche to make you to believe in a defined way, for them, in the context that they wish you to accept what they say. Most people don’t know and won’t accept that this is called propaganda. They will blindly accept what they’re told as fact by people who they know to be corrupt liars; primarily in today’s era, politicians. But more so than ever now we see pseudo-scientists, Anthony Fauci, (Dr. Fakey) and ‘philanthropists’, such as Billy the Kid Killer, Gates, spouting drivel as science and theft as charity and a deep concern for humanity.

To listen to Fauci and Gates expressing their ‘expertise’ to a global audience you are supposed to believe that their opinion is the only opinion that matters in a world where mainstream media is utilised to completely control the minds of the vast majority of the public through TV primarily, but also through print and online media, as long as that media is ‘authorised’. If any media is unauthorised, then by default it is defined as ‘fake news’, because if you don’t agree with a tiny gang of talking heads who are on every TV channel in the world, every single day, simultaneously throwing out the same sound bites, you can’t possibly know better than those ‘experts’, regardless of the fact that the facts negate absolutely everything they say. It does not matter if you use official sources of information or even their own words to counter the propaganda they promote, you cannot possibly be right and will be ridiculed and denigrated to the world of a conspiracy theorist.

The phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a perfect example of how words are weaponised to give those who read them the required perception of something outside the norm of society, a nutcase. Again, it doesn’t matter if you have the facts to show that your former thoughts and research on a specific conspiracy have been proven correct. Conspiracy fact is a phrase you never hear because, by implication, it proves that conspiracies exist. Mind you, we all know that conspiracies exist because we’re always being told that somebody ‘over there’ in some foreign place, is conspiring to do us harm; but it can’t happen in your own country apparently. Except of course if you live ‘over there’ in some foreign country where they’re told that somebody over here is conspiring against them. And so it goes on; wars, fear and social engineering to get us to comply to ‘new normal’ Draconian rules and regulations that we would normally view as abhorrent and reject outright

The current fake ‘pandemic’ is being used no differently than fear has been used in the past to change human behaviour in a way that is claimed to be temporary and yet always seems to be permanent. The new normal of today would be uncomprehending to people even 20 or so years ago, or in the case of those who can think for themselves, as little as 3 months ago.

To introduce new normals to the public, and to get them to accept them, is not difficult. The media will repeat, repeat and repeat again the same slogans all across the world, on cue, to get public acceptance across the global population so that any dissenting voice is nullified by mass hysteria in some case. “You should stay at home! You’re putting lives at risk!” Ironically, recent comments by New York Governor Cuomo stated that protestors had no right to jeopardise his health. He is absolutely correct in his assertion and no protestor has done so. He, on the other hand, has jeopardised the health of approximately 8.5 million people in New York City and its outlying areas by forcibly locking them up in their homes indefinitely. The obvious solution to his fear, and an appropriate response, would simply be for him to lock himself up to protect the health of himself and those he is supposed to serve if he believes the narrative he promotes. However, that is not a normal response in his Cowardly New World.

The term ‘new normals’, as with most of these catchy phrases, is an oxymoron. ‘New’ is something that didn’t exist before. ‘Normal’ was always something that did. We only have to look at what’s promoted as ‘entertainment’ today, again through the media, to see that what is widely socially acceptable today would have been viewed with absolute disgust and horror barely 50 years ago, if not before, and would likely have been fought vehemently by the general public. Not so today. Sex, basically pornography, and violence beyond belief, are the ‘new normals’ branded as ‘entertainment’ where they used to be viewed as crimes. Is it any surprise that children who have grown up watching such violent crime, explicit sex, including horrific scenes of rape, brutal murders and other horrors grow up dehumanised and devoid of any real compassion for their fellow human beings? No. It has been planned and executed with the expected results.

New normals also require new slogans. Covid-19 has a few of its own to worry and bemuse the public.

Social distancing is now supposed to mean that you stay 6 feet or 2 meters, (6‘ 4”) from your fellow social human being. Perhaps that extra 4” makes all the difference and we all need to carry a tape measure? That’s how ridiculous this situation has become.

Again, ‘social distancing’ is an oxymoron. It is impossible in the true sense of the words to be social and distant, the opposite being equally impossible, anti-social closeness. Cognitive dissonance is evident in both phrases.

The use of masks has been heavily touted, both as an absolute necessity and as equally unnecessary simply to confuse people who seem to have erred on the side of caution and are walking around, even in the fresh air, wearing an oxygen restricting garment for no other reason than they’ve been told to do so by people who refuse to wear one themselves, and who readily comply with these diktats through fear.

It should be seen for what it is. It is not a mask. It is a ‘gag’ to stifle conversation and facial expression. Perhaps the joke or ‘gag’ is on those wearing it? It detracts from ordinary social interaction. Facial expression is an essential part of human communication and without that it is very difficult to fully understand what is being conveyed to you, especially if it’s someone you are not familiar with. Facial expressions are used to exhibit, trust or threat, for example, consciously or otherwise, and are essential. Even wild animals exhibit facial traits to communicate.

Getting back to ‘social distancing’, and how this will be ‘policed’ in the near future, it is now the new normal that we’re all going to be what is called ‘contact traced’ to determine whether or not we’ve breached the required social barrier with someone who may be ‘infected’. My immediate thought is, “Infected with what?” We’re told that the special app on someone’s ‘smart phone’ will trigger an alert, to an as yet undisclosed authority, that you may have become infected by breaching this barrier with an apparently infected person. This information is then used to literally drag you off the street, or from your home along with other family members or friends present at the time, and have you detained against your will, without any pretence of legality, forcibly quarantined for 14 days in a facility somewhere, although that may become indefinite, forcibly tested and vaccinated for Covid-19 and a determination made as to your right to engage in society after an unspecified period of solitary confinement should you have been proven to be ‘infected’.

This is of course nothing short of kidnap. How will you know that you’re infected with this particular common cold virus as per the pandemic definition? Tests have been proven to be unreliable, completely inaccurate and pre-infected with Covid-19. What we’re seeing is the tyrannical use of technology to drag anyone off the street who may simply have a differing opinion to the authorities and anyone whom they associate with. Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia couldn’t have dreamed of such means of control at their disposal.

The real gag is that this is all voluntary to some extent whereby you’re being told that you’ll have to first install an app for this technology to work. I don’t believe that for a second and think those backdoors have already been built in to these devices  to enable tracking and tracing of anyone carrying one and their proximity to others with similar devices. The smartphone, promoted as an essential communication device for humanity, has everyone who owns one already within a huge database being used to track and trace them in real time now. This has been going on since the introduction of these devices but is only now being admitted to. Perhaps getting rid of your device is a temporary solution but most people seem to feel that no privacy at all is a price worth paying to keep them safe from a common cold/flu virus which has close to a 99% survival rate for those with some form of reasonable immune system. Freedom has been sold very cheaply.

Ditching the smartphone is the obvious means of delaying such an invasion of your personal privacy and freedom, but again, I’ve no doubt that other methodologies will come into play for those outside of the smartphone trap. With 5G technology being rolled out across the world at present, whilst it’s supposed to be in ‘lockdown’, or lock up as it should be called, facial recognition, location and other elements can be utilised, such as temperature scanning and other biometric identifiers. When the drive for mandatory, meaning forced, vaccinations, is finally achieved unless humanity wakes up very quickly to this obvious threat, I’ve no doubt that such ‘vaccines’ will contain some form of tracking capability for each individual with each dose of ‘vaccine’ containing a specific biomarker to identify its recipient.

It would appear that the words ‘tracking’ and ‘tracing’ have been completely redefined to mean ‘watching over every aspect of your life to keep you safe’, whereas in the past century any such terminology involving the spying on supposedly free human beings in a free society would have been greeted with abhorrence, with anyone promoting such a policy reviled and removed from public office. Not so today with the vast majority, again through the use of fear and the redefinition of words, readily comply with such atrocities and degradation of their rights and humanity to the level of animals raised for the slaughterhouse.

Unfortunately I fear, that ultimately, that will be the end result with mass carnage over a set period of time to cull the herd of humanity that will so voluntarily submit themselves to such tyranny. It doesn’t have to involve lining people up against walls and shooting them, the shots (vaccines) will do an equally good job if somewhat slower. The public will simply accept the new normal death statistics under the guise of a new virus or other new threat to life and succumb to even tighter regulation of their lives and inevitably their deaths at a younger and younger age until the population has declined to an acceptable level to suit Plato’s Guardian class.

There must be a complete rejection of anything propagandised as new normals. It will cause people hardship in the short term but the long term prospects of accepting the unacceptable is too horrific to contemplate and therefore it must be done. Simply refusing to comply with orders from supermarket employees, who now view their own inflated positions of importance as ‘essential’ (yet another buzz word) to follows arrows around the store in one direction, is only a small protest. However, to kowtow to such people who now view themselves as some form of authority figure would be akin to taking orders from a brutal rapist to pull down your pants and bend over without a single threat being made.

Such is the world we now live in that low level, minimum wage staff at your local store have now become some form of an official police force within their own working environment and view you as children to be ordered around like prisoners, despite the fact that you pay their wages through your patronage of their workplace. The same can be said of politicians who claim to be public servants, and whom are paid by the public do be such, now order you, the master, to bend over and comply to every ridiculous diktat they can persuade you is an absolute necessity to keep you safe.

The same slogans are used repeatedly to make you understand that you will accept unacceptable behaviour voluntarily, regardless of the veracity of such statements or the potential and real harm these behaviours cause.

All such slogans should be completely ignored, vilified and never used by the public. To do so gives such slogans legitimacy in a world system ruled by salivating, rabid dogs lusting for supreme power that has flushed all semblance of legitimacy and logic down the sewer, with those same rabid dogs promoting such Orwellian double speak, oxymoronic terminology being held up as saviours of the world whilst laughing at the compliant herd on the way to slaughter.