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  • Two days ago, [the Saylani Welfare International Trust] refused to give ration cards to non-Muslims, saying that only Muslims are entitled to them. The reason for this is that Zakat, Islamic alms giving (one of Islam’s five pillars), is reserved for Muslims. The Christian man said he begged for food to no avail…. last Saturday, Abid Qadri, a member of Saylani Welfare,… handed out food cards in his area. But, when they got to Christian homes, they just moved on.” — Shafique Khokhar,, March 30, 2020, Pakistan.
  • The reason formerly simple Fulani herdsmen have managed to kill nearly twice as many Christians as the “professional” terrorists of Boko Haram, according to many Christian leaders in Nigeria, is because one of their fellow Fulani tribesmen, the president of the nation, Muhammadu Buhari, is enabling their jihad. Nigeria.
  • “The men who undertook the attack are so blinded by hate they are showing no evidence of remorse. Overcoming such hate will take a miracle as it is ingrained into every aspect of culture and society in Pakistan and is reinforced via a biased national curriculum….Nations such as the UK naively continue to send foreign aid to Pakistan despite the existing social malaise – this naive attitude contributes to Pak-Government apathy and perpetuates the status quo.” — Juliet Chowdhry, a Pakistani human rights activist in the UK,, March 3, 2020, Pakistan.
  • “But this hateful environment did not emerge out of nowhere. The seeds of this hatred are spread, beginning at primary schools, through books printed by the Ministry of National Education portraying Christians as enemies and traitors. The indoctrination continues through newspapers and television channels in line with state policies. And of course, the sermons at mosques and talk at coffee houses further stir up this hatred.” — Uzay Bulut,, March 13, 2020, Turkey.

The Kidnap, Rape, and Forced Conversion of Christians

Pakistan: A group of motorcycle-riding Muslim men kidnapped and gang-raped two 12-year-old Christian boys. The children were playing video games at a local arcade when a gang of Muslims approached and lured them to check out and eventually sit on their motorcycles. Once the boys were atop the vehicles, the men rode off to a remote field where “the young boys were beaten till they submitted to the demands of the Muslim men, at which point the 12 year olds were raped,” notes the March 23 report:

“After the ordeal Suneel and Harry [the two boys] were threatened not to say anything by the gang as they rode off … leaving the boys behind naked. Suneel and Harry then tearfully and in pain got dressed and walked for 3 hours till home. Suneel managed to stagger home at 3:30 am early the following morning and was received by his father Naeem (40 yrs) who had not slept all night. Naeem and other family members were praying for Suneel and were shocked when they found him crying and trembling with fear.”

Last reported and according to his mother:

“Suneel is not eating properly. He cries all the time and has said he does not want to go to a local school. Other boys have been teasing him and it has created a dark sorrow within him. We cannot take him to church as they are all closed [due to Covid-19] and he is slowly entering a deep depression.”

Separately, on March 1, two Muslim men abducted a 13-year-old Christian girl, forcibly converted her to Islam, and married her off to a Muslim. Saima Javid was kidnapped while fetching water from a pump near her home. “I was deeply depressed and thought of committing suicide when I lost my daughter,” her mother said while discussing this incident. “Young Christian girls are not safe in this country. Muslims consider them as their property or slaves and therefore humiliate them as they wish.” After confirming that “our daughters are often sexually harassed by influential Muslims,” the girl’s father added that “The police did not listen to us for five days. However, when news of the abduction went viral on social media, the police registered a First Information Report (FIR # 137/20) against the abductors on March 5.” As a result, on March 26, the 13-year-old Christian girl appeared in court where she “testified that she had been abducted and was forced to convert to Islam and forced to marry [a Muslim man].” The judge ordered her returned to her family. “This order marks a rare victory for Pakistani Christians affected by the issue of abduction, forced conversion, and forced marriage,” the report observes.

Nigeria: On March 12, the Hausa Christian Foundation of Nigeria announced that a young girl, Sadiya Amos, had managed to escape from her Muslim kidnappers. She was originally abducted in early January; forcibly converted to Islam and married off to one of her kidnappers. Sadiya was thereafter kept in a small room under guard. One day, the guards fell asleep without locking her room. She managed to sneak out and flee back to her family’s home — only to find her father persecuted for trying to rescue her: a Sharia court was accusing him of trying to prevent his daughter from embracing Islam. In an effort to assist her abductors, they had even produced a forged certificate to that effect. The statement adds:

“The case of abducting Christian Girls and their forceful conversion to Islam as well as forcing them into marriage has become a water shed issue in Northern Nigeria…. The moment these girls are abducted, they are subjected to all manners of evil just to take control of their minds. Once they took hold of their minds, these girls will only do everything they are asked to do. While the parents fight for the release of their daughters, these abductors continue to sexually abuse these girls, hypnotized [subliminally influencing?] their food, drinks, clothes, where they sleep, perpetually evoke evil spirit upon them to the point that these girls completely lost their minds and never think of going back to their home. Usually, the moment a Christian girl is abducted they ensure that they get married to her within one or two weeks. She will be sexually abused even before the marriage to make the parents give up on her when she becomes pregnant.”

Egypt: An unknown woman posing as a Coptic nun, along with an unknown man posing as her monk assistant, were exposed as frauds who were using their religious garb to target and lure young and trusting Christian girls. The issue was apparently serious enough for the Coptic Pope himself to make a statement disavowing the two charlatans. On social media, the “nun,” known only as Theodora, had a photoshopped picture of herself with the Pope. It is unclear what the exact scam was — whether it was for later extortion or identifying potential kidnapping victims. Elaborate schemes to target Christian girls in Egypt are not uncommon.

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