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The Church of Christ Cathedral GBI Basilea, in Serpong, has been set on fire. The fire occurred around 7 am on Monday 27th April. The local fire department was called to quell the blaze.

Head of Emergencies and Preparedness of BPBD Fire Brigade at Tangerang District, Kosrudin, explained that a fire had occurred in the central part of the upper building of GBI Basilea. The fire was allegedly caused by a short circuit in the electrics due to inactivity. However, the exact cause of fire is still under investigation and is yet to be determined.

“Five fire brigade units were sent; three of them were from Tangerang’s fire department and two from South Tangerang, as well as a number of car units parked around here,” Kosrudin said.

A video of the fire that struck Christ Cathedral church has also been shared on social media. In the video, a large fire can be seen burning the middle part of the church with no fire-fighters on the scene as it was taken.

The official Instagram account of Christ Cathedral Church ( @ccmychurch ), has released official information from the church’s respective. It states that the fire was successfully extinguished at 11:30 am with no casualties reported on the scene.

Indonesia Expat