If there’s one thing certain to emerge in the wake of the phased opening of economies throughout the US, it’s that the minority who can think for themselves will become the new ignorant disease spreaders, according to those who have decided that they love their servitude to their Big Brother masters.

They’ve received their ‘free’ money stimulus bribe to help them play, their bread and circuses allocation, from their benevolent dictators and have the latest gadgets and toys to entertain them in their self imposed confinement. I say self imposed because nobody really forced them to inter themselves in their homes. All they had to do, en masse, was to simply refuse house arrest. Businesses simply had to ignore governor’s diktats and remain open to maintain the economy and livelihoods of their employees.

Unfortunately, society complied and simply rolled over and obeyed orders to stay home, stay safe and stay scared of something they had no knowledge of and no interest in finding out about. Boys and girls will have their toys and trinkets to keep them amused while a minority of adults who put childish things aside when they became adults try to rescue the ignorant from the prison they’ve locked their minds and bodies into.

The truly sad part, and which has been typical of human nature throughout history, is that these ignorant masses, the snitch corp, will be the very people who drag us all down with them into this coming hell on Earth, if we let them, which they cannot fathom and refuse to see on the horizon even as it rolls over the horizon straight at them.

They wave their flags and chant, “USA! USA!” and enthusiastically clap health workers and call them ‘heroes’ as they perform dance routines on YouTube. The irony is that many health workers have been ‘furloughed’ or laid off permanently with any of them who dare to speak out about the farce of Covid-19 being silenced through censorship of social media etc. to ensure the ignorant masses remain ignorant in the alcohol and drug fuelled soma state spending cash as if there’s an unlimited  supply from their benevolent President. They truly have been trumped and yet still sound the trumpets for more of the same stripping of their rights to ‘keep them safe’.

They have no thought of a future when the ‘free’ money runs out and it’s time for payback. We’ve already seen payments proposed to encourage the reporting of people who break ‘social distancing’ rules and go for a walk in the great outdoors in the land of the free and home of the brave. They cannot see that there is no freedom and that they are cowards. They see themselves as the intelligent ones by obeying the rules and going along with Draconian orders, no matter how ridiculous, to comply like a perfect servile pet as they’re thrown crumbs of comfort. When the dough runs out all they’ll be left with are the crumbs to live on and the circus will have left town. Snitches will appear in every cafe, store and elsewhere to report on their fellow human beings for nothing more egregious than talking to a fellow human being from two feet away and possibly shaking hands, walking the wrong way in the supermarket aisle or refusing to wear an oxygen restricting gag 24/7 to prevent you conversing with someone equally gagged, all for their own ‘safety’.

Those with the intelligence to ignore such nonsense and declare their non-compliance by their actions will be targeted by these useful idiots and reported to the relevant authorities, no doubt harassed, and in many cases fined or arrested. Perhaps it will even involve something akin to taking a safe driving course imposed on you for exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles an hour whereby you’ll have to be re-educated into the ‘new normals’ before being released back into the servile mass of humanity who have lost any semblance of such humanity.

I expect that the authorities will soon proclaim such dissenters as bio-terrorists somewhere and make us then at risk of arrest under terrorism legislation, involving unlimited imprisonment in a Guantanamo Bay type environment, or worse. However, that cannot be allowed to deter those who must stand up for their freedom and even the freedom of those who would rat them out for nothing more than normal social interaction with their fellow human beings.

This is nothing new in history. Unfortunately, the ignorant masses seem to know nothing of such history, even over the short span of human existence of the past 100 years or so. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Amin, Ceaușescu, Mao, to name but a few, are names which every child and adult should have been taught about in a free society to ensure that they recognised the warning signs of creeping tyranny so they could stop it before it took root within their respective societies. These days, of course, tyrants do not wear military uniforms which may alert the public to the fact that something isn’t quite right, but the business suit is the new mask of insanity worn by tyrants across the world these days to camouflage the perception of despots as military megalomaniacs; the military megalomaniacs are still lurking in the shadows behind the business suit talking heads promoted as the world leaders acting on the world stage.

If they’re acting on a stage they’re still actors, and yet, in an age of celebrity worship, the general masses can’t seem to recognise them as actors when they get up on a podium and try to explain idiocy as common sense, lunacy as sanity and snitching as a social responsibility.

This is the world of doublespeak and Orwellian dystopia which most believe could never happen in any civilised society, and yet, they are living in it without their knowledge as their rights and aspirations, hopes for the future and any semblance of a fulfilling life is stolen from them entirely and permanently.

Those that have the ability and courage to speak out without fear of the consequences are all that stand between the servile, compliant masses and tyranny, and there has to be a unified strategy to encourage others to join forces, regardless of any political affiliation they may feel to any person or party, religion, race etc.. This is not about anyone’s political, religious beliefs or race. It is about human beings who have the right to exist as human beings, free to have their own opinions and ideas, their own views on what their life should be and also a human capacity for kindness and concern for their fellow human beings.

Life is too short to stand by and watch humanity disintegrate and sink into a hellish world where free thought and free will are seen as vile creatures by psychopaths who care not for anything resembling true humanity. Time is short to try to put the evil genie back in the bottle as the juggernaut of tyranny steamrollers over our rights, and we must all take responsibility for ensuring that we do what we can, little or lots, to take the wheels off the juggernaut for good and send this whole evil agenda to the scrap yard, never to be recycled, so that the environment of our world can never again be polluted by the agenda of tyrants.