Rasmus Paludan, a Danish anti-Islam politician who requires police protection everywhere he goes, recently held a demonstration with members of his party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) at a school in Århus – Denmark’s second largest city.

During the demonstration, party members recorded video of the kind of reception they received from the locals. One video that’s been uploaded to Rasmus Paludan’s YouTube channel shows a bearded, aggressive migrant yelling at a young Danish man. Although it’s difficult to make out all the words, Kim Møller, an author at the political blog Uriasposten, has transcribed what can be heard on the video.

The migrant says:

“We have more children. You get one or two. In ten or fifteen years there will be more Muslims than Danes in this country. … The Danes are five million, You are almost extinct man. … You fuck with animals, that’s why you don’t get children…You Danes are being exterminated. You’re like animals… I will never be Danish, I want my mentality and my tradition, but I will stick my Danish passport and the Danish People’s Party in my ass, I will burn my Danish passport… We will not integrate, we will continue to fuck your society… Suck a cock!”

Recently, Muslim migrants in Denmark have come out of the woodwork to brazenly reveal their abject disdain for the Danish people, their culture, and their religion.

About two weeks ago on Easter Sunday, the holiest day for Christians around the world, a Danish church was defaced with Arabic graffiti which read: “We conquer Denmark. There is no God but Allah,” Voice of Europe reported.