If you plan on going out for a spin or see a friend over the upcoming bank holiday weekend, be prepared that you could face a €2,500 fine or up to 6 months in jail – no, seriously. That’s what the flawed legislation that Simon Harris signed into law means.

Know anyone from the North who wants to come down for a spin and go literally anywhere they want in the Republic without facing any sort of repercussions, well now’s the time to tell them because of flawed legislation signed in by Minister for Health Simon Harris.

Gardai are launching widespread checkpoints from tomorrow morning in an effort to stop people travelling for the May bank holiday weekend.

‘Operation Fanacht’ will begin on Tuesday morning in an effort to prevent people travelling across the country in advance of the bank holiday.

The checkpoint operation will run from 7am Tuesday 28th of April until the end of the May bank holiday weekend on Monday night, 4 May.

Meanwhile Northern Irish residents can freely travel wherever they like once they make it past the border. Northern Ireland residents living along the border can freely travel into the South and drive across the entire country with gardai unable to do anything about it because the new legislation that Simon Harris signed into only applies to the Republic and is useless outside of the State.

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