As of the date of this article – 0.0019 of 1% of the population of Orange County, Florida have died allegedly from Covid-19. We know that there have been ‘presumed to have died’ cases from Covid-19, which is not scientific in any shape or form, so I expect that number of 27 is far lower. We are dealing with a variant of the common cold and therefore you would also expect the infection rate to be far higher than the testing shows, and yet, 27 maybe dead? The whole thing is a farce and makes no sense, statistically or otherwise to justify any form of lockdown. Therefore there is clearly another reason for this insanity. There are no more people dying this year than last year, and in many years prior, even as recently as 2018, many more have died without this kind of reaction from political entities who are clearly under orders from people way above their pay grade, including the puppet president who has no more say in this lunacy than any other president would have or I have.

There is clearly another agenda at play here, right across the world, as the global economy was already set to collapse. The powers that nobody ever hears about behind the scenes have pushed the whole man-made global warming fairytale for decades now and people were just not buying the lies anymore and had no interest in impoverishing themselves through austerity measures. So guess what? You’re now being forced into austerity. Mandated vaccines have also been a troublesome sell too with many more waking up to the dangers of big pharma vaccine pushers, Gates (Eugenicist talking head for the Rockefeller eugenicist clique) & Fauci (Fakey) to name but two…


You are now being trained like Pavlov’s dogs into believing that we need ‘New Normals’ and that the world will never be the same again. Where have we heard that before? Oh yes, after 9/11 when the introduction of the Patriot Act stripped away almost all of your rights. Now, you’re going to lose them all if you continue to ignore what’s going on, gaze adoringly at your 85” TV sets you wasted your tax refund dollars on, believing every piece of garbage thrown at you from utter liars and sitting in your homes being terrorized by the media, prostitute medical charlatans and your own government, as is happening across the world to everyone.

If you allow this to continue you will only have yourselves to blame as you sleepwalk into absolute tyranny…


“What did you do when the world became a fascist dictatorship?”

“Oh, I was watching CNN and Fox and never saw it coming. I was staying at home like a good little sheep doing as I was told by criminals masquerading as public officials and medical ‘experts’ who lied through their teeth at every opportunity. Ho hum…. Sorry.”

Is that you? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I applaud this restaurant owner for behaving like an adult and taking responsibility for himself, his family and his staff. If you’re one of the detractors berating this hard working American and think he’s a threat to your health, then you stay locked up. You’ll be sicker and in more distress than he or I will and that’s your right to do so.

If only there were millions more like him these criminals masquerading as public officials and medical experts, including Bill Gates and Fauci, would be in lockdown behind bars by now!

I thought this was the land of the free and home of the brave?

You have been trained like monkeys at the zoo in ‘Social Distancing’… For the hard of thinking, it is impossible to be social and distant. You have been trained to wear masks, some made of single bra cups, yes really, thereby inhaling your own exhaled CO2…. It has to come out for a reason. Are you stupid? You are now being trained by Walmart to walk only one way in the store… How much more insanity will you take?

Will you simply bend over and take it? Or will you get off your fast food filled asses, but only drive thru, and save your country from tyrants?

To the police and military. You swore an oath to defend the country, the constitution and the citizens from enemies DOMESTIC and foreign.

We are not the enemy. The enemy are the criminals who order you to arrest defenseless women in public parks who are simply taking their children for some enjoyment and exercise. Are you insane? Or are you complicit in this tyranny?

The same applies to the US military who have been used in unjustified wars based on lies for the past 20 years and before, including both world wars and Vietnam.

Do either of you, defenders of the nation, the constitution and its people have any conscience or morals?


You are under no obligation to follow unjust orders, and if you refuse to do so, you will be genuine heroes.

I hope there is still some sanity left within people who have the means and ability to put the wrongs at the very highest levels in our society right and start making arrests of the traitors within our nation who are taking us into a totalitarian hell on Earth which will make Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China look like a Sunday school picnic.