By Helena Handbasket, April 19th 2020

On Friday 17th of April, my wife and I took a 90 minute drive to attend an Open Florida rally outside the mayor’s office in Orlando. All in all the turnout was around 200 people and  peaceful throughout with the police taking very much a back seat view of the whole thing, although there was a drone present for a while observing this peaceful assembly. In fairness to the police they had stated the previous day that they respected our right to assemble under the constitution.

There were many driving by honking their horns in support of the rally, but it would have been far more useful if they’d parked up and joined us. I would have expected a much larger turnout in a city such as Orlando where the main tourism industry of Disneyland etc. is located and is of course at a complete standstill with all workers ‘furloughed’, or temporarily unemployed. Disappointed as I was in the turnout, I was further disappointed to see many politicize the rally waving pro Trump flags. I didn’t see a Democrat candidate flag being waved. It has nothing to do with politics and only gives ammunition to the mainstream to label everyone a right wing extremist. This is not a political problem, it is a global plan to take down the whole of society across the world in a full blown attempt by powers we’ll never see to control mankind. This is a business model that has been worked on for many years finally coming in to view.

The rule of law, as mentioned in this sinister speech, is the law of tyranny with the law of the jungle being the law of the majority of mankind, real law. What we are witnessing now is tyrannical law being used as a prelude to complete tyranny. The law of the jungle is what we know as democracy although that in itself is flawed in that it is simply two wolves and a sheep discussing what’s for dinner. Or in simpler terms, 51% telling the other 49% what to do. Do you see peace in the world today? Have you seen peace in your lifetime? Are your rights being respected? Clearly, the answer is a resounding NO.

It would seem that many still don’t get the fact that this is not a political issue and that it is being orchestrated by people in the background well above politics, and it would appear, well above and exempt from the laws of the land, the law of the jungle.

One of the local mainstream whore media outlets were there of course, and when I asked how they were going to spin this, their answer was that they don’t spin anything. I also asked the cameraman to take a look at some numbers regarding comparisons of Covid-19 deaths and other causes of death between Jan. 1st and April 1st 2020 which, of course, he refused to do, to which I retorted…. COWARD!

Well, judge for yourself.

Apparently the people are now regarded as a circus act and a threat to humanity according to this village idiot masquerading as a Mayor on a fat paycheck whilst telling thousands of people that they cannot work or feed their families. Who’s the clown in this circus?

If I don’t have the right to take care of my own health whilst apparently putting other people’s health at risk, then that is simply usurping my rights for those of someone else which again, is not constitutional anymore than the village idiot masquerading as a Mayor has the right to curtail freedom of the entire state simply to stop a few people getting ill. If that were truly a legal mechanism, then we would be in a state of permanent lockdown.

As many of the signs said at the rally, everyone is essential, every job is essential. What gives the village idiot masquerading as a Mayor any right to decide who is an essential worker and who is not? What gives the village idiot masquerading as a Mayor any right to tell anyone how to behave in relation to their health, freedom and any other aspect of their lives? What gives anyone that right? Absolutely nothing.

We are being treated like the proverbial naughty children who are incapable of making decisions for our own welfare using their own intelligence.

What is certain is that if we continue to allow this to go on, we are in great danger of ever having the rights currently denied us under these illegal stay at home dictats. The US Constitution does not allow for such abuse of liberty and as such, all such dictats should be completely ignored by everyone who wants freedom over the myth of security.

I hope that the next rally will be better attended and not politicized. However, I do understand that using Facebook and other such online resources to advertise such events is problematic in itself with widespread censorship of anything questioning the ‘authorities’ being removed or at least screened by such globalist entities.

The revolution will not be televised. That would just encourage the law of the jungle, the law of the people. But there is hope for the future….

Michigan, Texas and other states are having similar rallies with many attending openly carrying their weapons legally. I doubt there are many, if any, police officers want a shooting war to start between them and the public and I would hope that within police and military there are those that realise that they swore an oath to protect and serve the public and to defend the Constitution, not the government or their cronies, but the rights of the people.

Of course, the mainstream media whore outlets, like The Guardian and others, have no interest in freedom. They label the crowds as armed militia and right wing extremists. Well, the Constitution allows for militias as a counter to tyrannical government.

It’s about time those village idiots masquerading as Governors and Mayors get the message before the law of the jungle decides they’re no longer required.

It’s time the real clowns exited the building