By Count Ikan

Whilst agencies of the British government are busy trawling their own data sites like rats in a panic to alter their own figures, they didn’t quite get around to fudging these ones in time.

The table above shows total deaths in comparison to Covid-19 deaths. Note total deaths are 11,141 for the week ending March 27th. These are the most recent figures available week ending 27th March 2020.

The tables and figures below clearly show no change in death rates for England and Wales, whilst at the same time clearly showing that deaths were actually significantly higher in March 2018.

These are the official annual figures by month from 2019. They show that in March 2019 there were 43,946 total deaths, almost exactly a quarter of this year’s figure as shown in the 2020 chart showing 11,141 total deaths.


2018 figures for the same period, March, shows far more deaths than 2019 and 2020. In 2018 you can clearly see that 51,229 deaths were recorded. This equates to approx 11,822 deaths per week in March. The calculation is 51229 x 3 =153,687… This is 3 months. You then divide this by 13 to give an average weekly figure. 153,687/13 = 11,822. This clearly shows that when compared to 2018, the average weekly death rate in the month of march was approximately 681 deaths more…. Go figure it out for yourselves.

This is the lie being told across the world to terrify you all through your TV sets…

Simple arithmetic proves this is a lie, and yet, as well as not understanding that toilet roll is not an essential item to wipe your rear end, it also seems that people have forgotten how to do basic calculations… Use a calculator if you must but you’ll get the same results…