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While estimates of the number of deaths from Covid-19 have dropped from 82,000 to 60,000 and the ‘peak death date’ moved forward to April 12th according to forecasters at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, and other health officials and political leaders around the nation echoing similar beliefs that the number of newly reported coronavirus cases are beginning to level off, now is definitely not the time to let our guard down. As we hear from one medical doctor and read in two recent alerts from Steve Quayle’s website, one from ‘Rick’ who reported upon his recent experience at WalMart that bordered upon Orwellian, “We haven’t seen anything yet”

With ‘Rick’ reporting that warnings were being broadcast over the intercom system about people loitering both inside and outside of the store and “some guy with a clipboard had people lined up like cattle in a squeeze chute, barking orders at them (he wasn’t pleasant) and maintaining social distancing”‘Rick’ compared that experience at his local WalMart with prior experiences of his at the Czechoslovak-East German border as well as at the East German-Polish border, hinting that if America keeps going in this direction, something very nasty lays ahead.

And with Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger and other globalists now pushing ‘twin pandemix’ in 2020 with mandatory vaccinations possibly dead ahead and now globalists even pushing ‘snatch and grabs’ of unvaccinated children reminding us more and more of some Orwellian-future state run by ‘government terrorists’ rather than a ‘free America’, remember that Democrats/globalists have been pushing out the ‘family unit’ for some time now, hoping to usher in ‘community parenting‘ and if you want to know what that might look like, look no further than what globalists are proposing now, the outright kidnapping of America’s children

The second alert over at Steve’s website was even more dire than the 1st. Titled “ARE YOU READY FOR THE MILITARY TO DECIDE WHAT GROCERIES YOU CAN BUY AND EAT?”, that alert painted a picture of life turning into what now would seem to be an ‘alternative reality’ should our ever-so-fragile supply chain break down with us already now seeing cracks within it. That 2nd alert from ‘Science Guy’ went through an extended description of the US supply chain and why it can become incredibly vulnerable and as we’d reported on ANP on April 7th within this linked story, leaked documents from government agencies are already reporting potentially major shortages soon ahead of things like eggs, meat, milk and other necessities. 

And with the globalists long pushing a ‘depopulation agenda’ that is still called ‘conspiracy theory’ by the mainstream media but can be seen in their ‘artwork’ such as the Georgia Guidestones with it’s ‘#1 Commandment’ being ‘maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature’, the globalists don’t tell us they’d need to ‘cull’ over 7 billion to reach that number. So we’ll be taking a look within this story at some very dire signs ahead including the trucking industry now falling off the cliff, and remember, the trucking industry is the ‘lifeblood of America’ that keeps most of America steadily flowing.

The graphic above comes to us from the BlueStones Supply Chain in the UK and can be seen larger here. Showing us just how quickly things would come grinding to a total halt should the truckers stop trucking, the lifeblood of our nation potentially put in harms way due to the spread of covid-19 and the very nature of their work, as one Veteran truck driving recently said, “Everything just changed so drastically” while describing the total chaos that coronavirus has brought to the trucking industry.

Yet as he pointed out as we also hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, while there was a huge surge in demand for food and supplies at the beginning of this outbreak in America, the trucking business has since fallen off the cliff as Forbes recently reported, one trucking company recently laid off 1/5 of their employees and we’ve heard from ANP readers of other truckers also losing their jobs. From this Yahoo Finance story.:  

As people across the U.S. shelter in place to contain the novel coronavirus, the nation’s truck drivers continue to traverse the country, transporting goods — but the landscape they’re experiencing is radically different post-virus.

“Everything just changed so drastically where we’re showing up to facilities and they’re checking our temperature,” truck driver Josh Rickards told Yahoo Finance’s “On The Move” this week. Rickards, who’s been driving a big rig for 15 years, said he’s never seen anything like what he’s witnessed during the coronavirus pandemic.

He owns a fleet of three trucks and described how panic buying of items like toilet paper looked like from his perspective, as customers wiped out supermarket shelves “seemingly overnight.” “I’ve seen on the news people rushing to buy toilet paper. And in the area that I was in at the time, as I was watching that, I was watching load counts spike, and it was just, overnight, thousands and thousands and thousands of loads,” he said.

“And the next morning my phone was getting phone calls off the hook from brokers. Can you cover this load? Can you cover this load? Can you cover this load? And it was just out of nowhere. It was like chaos on our side of the fence.”

But much like the rest of the country, all of that has now grinded to a halt. 

During the initial phase of the pandemic, Rickards said he was working non-stop as businesses fought to keep the supply chain wheels spinning. But that’s all changed. As of last Friday, Rickards said, his business has “fallen off a cliff” much like the rest of the country.

“As this started to unfold and job losses were happening and people were becoming unemployed, even some friends and family of my own have been calling me and, you know, asking, hey, do you have any work?”

But even a tight labor market can’t convince the drivers who lease under his authority to take a job that requires them to travel to New York City — the epicenter of the virus in the U.S.

“I mean, no one really wants to go there. Everyone’s afraid of going there and being in a position where they actually contract the virus themselves.”

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