Things are getting very serious now.

On last night’s Tonight Show, top Irish doctor, Professor John Crown gave a stark description of what he thinks is a very likely scenario thanks to the lack of response from the government.

Professor Crown said that if what happens in Italy happens here, even to some extent, that thousands of Irish would die from a war-like catastrophic scenario where doctors physically won’t have the room, won’t have the facilities, won’t have the medication and won’t have the manpower to treat people.

He said that it will be a triage scenario deciding who will live, who will die and who has a chance at living if they’re treated – yes, really.

Professor Crown said that we need to lockdown the entire country right now in an effort to try and stop a mass spreading of this unknown Covid-19.

The rest of the panel were utterly speechless when he said:
“The stories we are hearing from Italy are horrific….get the public health right now we can’t afford the disaster later”.

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Top Irish doctor, Professor John Crown says Ireland needs to go on lockdown immediately otherwise we could face a war-like catastrophe where thousands of Irish people could die