There’s been absolute uproar on social media on the fact that thousands of Italian rugby fans are strolling around Dublin having come over from one of the most affected coronavirus countries in the world.

Many are saying that all flights coming, in particular, from northern Italy should have been cancelled and that no Italians should have been allowed come in and possibly risk spreading the coronavirus that they don’t even know they have yet.

Italy is the worst affected country in the world outside Asia in terms of the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s a daily disaster in Italy with hundreds of cases being declared over a 24 hour period and multiple deaths from Covid-19.

Now since the government has put absolutely no measures in place as to who’s coming into the country, hundreds of Italians are due to fly into Dublin Airport despite the Italy vs Ireland Six Nations game not going ahead.

The Liberal spoke with two Italian fans who live in Dublin. They told us that they’re friends are still coming over to Dublin. They said that even though the game wasn’t going ahead that their hotel was paid for and they’re coming for a weekend mini-break anyway.

Hundreds of cases around Europe are a direct result of people either flying to Italy or being in contact with people who’ve been there.

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Coronavirus: Uproar as thousands of Italian fans have flown in and are walking around Dublin this weekend possibly spreading infection