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or those asking how best to SUPPORT Chris & Peak Prosperity in their efforts to provide continuing coverage of news that matters: As new cases explode all over the globe, with 5 new countries reporting their first cases, health authorities continue to give out puzzlingly incomplete, contradictory and sometimes even wrong information.

While our view on Thailand is provisionally shifted back to “contained” our view is that Egypt is the next unannounced hotspot. Given where we are in the story, we’re going to have to perform triage, meaning making tough choices over where to apply woefully inadequate resources. Our analysis concludes that even though there are numerous exciting vaccine candidates en route, we cannot expect them to arrive any time soon.

A vaccine is 6 – 18 months out (best case) which means that the Honey Badger virus will not be stopped before it makes a spring peak. With luck, we’ll have a vaccine in place before the fall/winter resumption of the illness (presuming it operates like a normal flu virus, which may not be the right way to look at it. We just don’t know).

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