There’s much anger from the public over the fact that no flights have or had been cancelled coming into Dublin airport from Northern Italy or China.

Now it’s been confirmed that someone who has been confirmed to have the coronavirus travelled from northern Italy to Dublin airport, got off the plane with all the other passengers, waited in line to have their passport checked and then no one seems to know whether they went back to Belfast via public transport or not.

The patient in question deserves as much sympathy as possible, but many on social media as saying that it’s utterly despicable that Simon Harris and Leo Varadkar put not plans in place to stop such flights and risks arriving into Ireland in the first place.

Also, there’s been much condemnation that no HSE hotline has been setup for people to phone in if they think they may have symptoms and what they need to do.

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Coronavirus: Anger as NO flights are cancelled coming into Ireland and NO hotline set up by HSE