A father in the UK who refused to send his son to school as he was opposed to the pro-LGBTQI+ curriculum has been told he now faces £2,500 fine and a potential jail sentence.

Jabar ‘Jay’ Hussain (51) took part in the widespread protests against the introduction of a compulsory pro-LGBTQI+ curriculum for children aged five and up at the Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock, Birmingham along with most of the other parents of students at the school.

Mr Hussain kept his nine-year-old child out of school for months as the pro-LBTQI+ “No outsiders” programme conflicted with his Islamic faith.

Mostly Muslim parents were outraged after the Parkfield Community School’s assistant head teacher, Andrew Moffat MBE, introduced books promoting the LGBTQ agenda to primary school children’s reading list.

Mr Moffat, who was made an MBE for campaigning against homophobia, introduced books such as “Mommy, Mama and Me” and “King & King”.

This programme was meant to test the waters before the British government make lessons regarding LGBTQI+ lifestyles compulsory in all UK schools for children aged six and up.

The number of children withdrawn in protest at the pro-Homosexual lifestyle curriculum is around 80% of the student body of the primary school.

This signifies an overwhelming rebuke of the pro-LBTQ+ “No outsiders” programme .

In a statement on the Alum Rock Community Forum it reads that the children have been withdrawn over the school’s “undermining of parental rights and aggressively promoting homosexuality”

The Guardian reported that in 2017 a broad survey of British Muslims found that over half believe homosexuality should be criminalised while nearly a quarter want full Sharia (Islamic Law) imposed as the UK’s law system.

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Father who kept child from school because of LGBTQ+ lessons being taught in court and could face jail