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Migrants at a repatriation center in Turin hurled bricks at police and army soldiers over the weekend in what was only the latest of a series of violent outbursts to occur at the facility in the past months. 

The incident, which left eleven police officers and two army soldiers wounded, is the third episode of its kind to take place at the Turin repatriation center in a little over a month, Breitbart London reports.

The immigrant aggressors, who police suspect are from North Africa, tore bricks from the walls inside the center before they climbed onto the roof of a housing unit and began launching them at the authorities. Police say they’re in the process of reviewing CCTV evidence to confirm their suspicions that the five migrant aggressors are indeed North Africans.

Earlier this year in mid-January, five Moroccans and an Algerian – all of whom were living at the center – set fire to the entire building complex, causing thousands of euros in damage.

Just two weeks later, at the same center, a large group of migrants set fire to their mattresses and household goods. At the end of the ordeal, five police officers were left injured.

In Italy, violence at migrant centers has become all too common. In December of last year, Voice of Europe reported on six Nigerian migrants who were convicted of gang-raping a 25-year-old woman at the CARA asylum center in the southern Italian city of Bari in 2017.

The 25-year-old rape victim, a resident at the migrant center, told investigators that the group – who is believed to have been connected to organized crime – had created a climate of “terror” at the asylum facility to dominate others who were living there.

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