#GE2020 Whilst Ireland is in the midst of a General Election, The Irish Times in Ireland have once again clearly demonstrated how mainstream media issues fake news! Scenes at the Free Speech demo in Dublin as pro-censorship globalists instigate violence against Irish Nationalists and Gardaí. Reports that they were targeting female Gardaí specifically.

As can be seen in the video, the three masked black uniformed Antifa “stormtroopers”, there on behalf of the far left People Before Profit (PBP) party, attacked the peaceful protesters without reason, the Gardai sprang to defend the free speech protesters from further harm, upon which one of the Antifa “stasi” broke off the leg of a photographer’s tripod and used it to hit an advancing Garda in the jaw and felled him.

Other Gardai ran and arrested him and handcuffed him on the ground. That is exactly what happened as you can see from video and photos and not the lies the Irish Times is telling on behalf of the ANTIFA attackers. What the Irish Times hides is that none of the peaceful free speech protesters were arrested, but the three far left Antifa attackers were arrested.

It’s a sorry day for the Press that the globalist Irish Times has to deliberately tell such blatant lies on behalf of traitors who attacked and seriously assaulted a policemen (Garda) on duty at Leinster House. The ANTIFA came there deliberately to attack the protesters and took great effort to try hide their identities, so the Irish Times is telling a bare-faced lie to protect violent men assembled outside the national parliament (Dail).

ANTIFA were the attackers, not the peaceful free speech protesters that the Irish Times seems so desperate to implicate falsely in the skirmish.

by Michael McGrath.