Compo conman Iosca Constantin is still claiming he is injured and is now using a walking stick when he goes out in public.

Yesterday the shameless chancer who tried to claim thousands with a “bogus” injury was spotted using a disabled parking spot outside a shop.

Neighbours around his home in Lusk, Co Dublin, described the walking stick as “an accessory” he uses when he goes out.

On Tuesday he was forced to withdraw a compensation claim when the High Court was shown a video of the 40-year-old skipping seconds after putting his wheelchair in the boot of his car.

Yesterday he emerged from a VW minibus and only used his cane when approached by the Irish Mirror.

A neighbour said: “Don’t start me about him.

“It’s a bit like watching Lou and Andy from Little Britain.

“When people are around he’s acting like he’s crippled and when no one’s looking he’s running around.

“I saw him bringing in shopping the other day and there wasn’t a bother on him.

“The stick is a new thing… maybe he has another claim.”

The conman was spotted yesterday morning emerging from a car in a disabled parking spot outside the SuperValu supermarket in Lusk.

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