A university professor just learned that differences between the two genders matter as she has been assigned two male security guards to protect her from threats coming from transgender-rights activists.

Selina Todd, a professor at St Hilda’s College of Oxford University, told the BBC that she has been accompanied to her classes by other college staff members after they found out about the threats via social media.

The threats started after Todd expressed her belief that biological women need to have their own spaces that do not include people who are born male but identify as women.

“Two students came to see me and said they were very worried that threats had been made to me on email networks they were part of,” she said in an interview with The Telegraph, which first reported the story.

“The university investigated the threats and came back to me to say their intelligence on them is such that they are providing me security for all of my lecturers for the rest of this year. They said ‘you’re having two men in the rest of your lectures,’” she said.

Todd said that a group of people who she believed were trans activists came to her most recent lecture, but the presence of the two “big burly” security guards prevented any protests from happening.

She said the transgender activists who are against her have labeled her “transphobic” for her teaching of feminist history.

“My research suggests that women who posed as men in the past were often lesbians seeking to protect themselves, or because they want to do jobs that were only available to men,” the professor said.

“The first complaint that was made against me was to say that I was transphobic because it would be impossible for a transgender student to be taught by me.”

Now the university is being inundated by calls to have her fired because that is what “tolerant” leftists do when they disagree with someone’s ideas.

Rather than having a debate with the person and expressing their opposing point of view, leftists want the other voice silenced.

And not merely silenced — they want the person with the opposing point of view to be punished for having the audacity to disagree with them.

“I get frightened by the threats in lectures,” the professor said. “You can’t help but worry. It’s had a huge impact on me. You don’t expect to be defending yourself the whole time from complaints or threats of violence.”

You should if you are in a far-left university like Oxford or any number of other like-minded progressive institutions of higher learning.

This is the bed that leftists have made for themselves and lying in it feels bumpy and uncomfortable.

They have only themselves to blame for the mess that they created. There is no indication that this professor is a part of the cancel culture, and indications from her own words are that she was not.

But when universities continue to foster this type of culture, it is only the beginning of what they can expect to see from students who believe that everyone, everywhere must kowtow to their demands.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.