One of America’s most prominent Catholic universities faced criticism again recently when a workshop to show students how to abort unborn babies was scheduled on campus.

Breitbart reports Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic college in America, did cancel the pro-abortion “Papaya Workshop” after concerns were raised about it contradicting Catholic Church teachings about the sanctity of life.

“Consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity, Georgetown University does not support or allow for the demonstration or training of abortion procedures in any classroom or reservable space on our campus,” a university spokesperson said.

The pro-abortion papaya workshops teach people how to abort unborn babies on their own, using abortion tools and a papaya to simulate a pregnant mother’s womb. They have become increasingly popular with pro-abortion groups in big cities and on college campuses.

Students organized the workshop at Georgetown, according to the College Fix; but the report did not mention a specific student club or organization. Organizers posted the event on Facebook, saying their goal was to “demystify manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) abortions” and “debunk common misconceptions about abortion.”

An aspiration abortion, or D&C, typically is used in the first trimester. It involves inserting a suction tube inside the mother’s uterus to vacuum out the unborn child. The abortionist then uses tools to scrape the lining of the uterus to remove any remaining parts of the unborn baby’s body. Watch this Live Action video to learn how the abortion procedure is performed.

The workshops demonstrate the abortion technique using a papaya to simulate a woman’s uterus and the seeds her unborn baby. An abortion activist uses the papaya to demonstrate how to insert a cannula, or plastic tube, in through the cervix and attach a manual vacuum aspirator to suck out the developing baby.

In 2016, another Catholic university came under fire for a similar eventThe College Fix discovered a video of the “papaya workshop” on the Loyola University Students for Reproductive Justice Facebook page in September of that year. An unofficial club at the Catholic university, the student pro-abortion group said it hosted the workshop to demonstrate how an aspiration abortion works. A medical student at the university led the mock abortion demonstration, according to the group.

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Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic college in America, has faced harsh criticism time and time again for straying from church teachings about the sanctity of human life.

In 2016, it welcomed Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards as a guest speaker on campus. Despite strong protests from pro-lifers, the university refused to cancel the highly paid abortion CEO’s speech.

It also has faced criticism for allowing a club that openly promotes abortion on campus. Lifezette’s Katie Nations reports Georgetown University has a Medical Students for Choice club that not only promotes abortions but also trains students how to perform them.

The Catholic Church teaches that all human lives have value, from moment of conception to natural death. It has been a strong advocate for the protection of human lives from abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia across the world.

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