For the first time in history the US President, Donald Trump, will attend the annual ‘March For Life’ event in Washington DC which calls for an end to abortion.

According to Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, President Trump was also the first president to speak at the march via video link when he addressed participants in the 2018 march which he repeated in 2019.

During his tenure as President, Mr Trump has appointed two traditionally pro-life Judge to the US Supreme court shifting the makeup of the court and dozens of pro-life judges to other, more junior, positions.

In recent years, as the March for Life has grown in number, various US states have also moved to increase protections for the unborn children, with a number of states moving increasingly towards banning elective abortion entirely.

President Trump’s administration has also worked to stifle and stop public funding for abortion providers both at home and abroad through US aid.

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Donald Trump to become first US President to take part in anti-abortion ‘March for Life’ today in Washington