Jonathan Eastwood, who now goes by the transgender name “June,” has been dominating cross-country and track and field competitions at the University of Montana (UoM) for several years now, thanks to the school’s acceptance and celebration of biological males pretending to be “females” who decide to compete against biological females in sports.

For the past several years, Eastwood has won victory after victory on the women’s athletic field, stealing these titles from real girls, many of whom rely on fair competition for scholarships and future athletic careers. But UoM couldn’t care less about the plight of these women as it recently lauded Eastwood for its “bravery” by awarding it “Women’s Cross-Country Athlete of the Week.”

Talk about a slap in the face to Eastwood’s real female competitors, who are being forced to accept the fact that they will likely never again win first place in a race thanks to Eastwood’s unfair participation. It’s a problem that’s spreading all across the country as the transgender mafia demands unrestricted access to any and all female sports teams, no questions asked.

In only one instance did Eastwood not steal first place, taking second instead, and observers surmise that this was intentional on Eastwood’s part “to minimize the negative publicity his winning yet again would have garnered.” But this hasn’t made his real female competitors feel any better about the situation as they watch their entire presence in sports dwindle towards utter meaninglessness at the hands of LGBTQs.

The College Fix reportedly tried to contact UoM to ask why the school conveniently failed to disclose the fact that “June” identifies as a transgender in its reporting about “Women’s Cross-Country Athlete of the Week.” The school responded by claiming that there “was no subtext” – in other words, it was all just an accident!

But nobody is buying this, including angry female athletes and their families – and rightfully so – who are watching their value in sports all but vanish. And because the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) still hasn’t set any proper ground rules to disallow this blatant affront to female athletics, it’s both carrying on and worsening.

If it takes women being offended to obliterate the scourge of transgenderism, then so be it

As you may recall from our earlier reporting, a high school girl by the name of Selina Soule has lost several victories to biological boys who competed against her as transgender “girls,” which prompted her to file an official Civil Rights complaint seeking to remove all transgenders from women’s sports.

In Connecticut where Soule lives, transgenders have even more free reign to do as they please thanks to the state’s policy that no surgery, hormones or medical diagnoses are required for a male to compete athletically against females. The only thing required is “just self-ID and reduced testosterone to a level [still] five-times the highest average (98 percent) of [real] females,” according to Olympian Sharron Davies, who’s absolutely furious about what’s transpiring in women’s sports thanks to the new trend of transgenderism.

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