RZESZÓW, Poland, January 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) ― Fifteen Polish bishops signed a letter of support for Kraków Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski following his remarks about radical environmentalism that he said attacks marriage and the family. 

“Metropolitan of Krakow,” they wrote, “as bishops gathered at the Christmas meeting (in Rzeszów), we express solidarity with you against the detrimental attacks that the evangelical Defender of Truth must endure.”

“It is always glorious to sand on the side of Christian anthropology, which seems in Man the image of God Himself.” 

The signatories were Archbishop Adam Szal, Bishop Jan Wątroba, Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki, Archbishop Wacław Depo, Archbishop Józef Michalik, Bishop Marian Rojek, Bishop Stanisław Jamrozek, Bishop Kazimierz Górny, Archbishop Stanisław Nowak, Bishop Krzysztof Nitkiewicz, Bishop Andrzej Jeż, Bishop Jan Śrutwa, Bishop Mariusz Leszczyński, Bishop Andrzej Przybylski, and Bishop Edward Białogłowski.

These bishops believed Archbishop Jędraszewski needed support after remarks he made to Poland’s Telewizja Republika television station were mischaracterized by a hostile press as an attack on the environment and Greta Thunberg. 

The archbishop responded to Telewizja Republika’s question about “ecologism” by saying any new movement that threatens marriage and the Christian tradition is “a very dangerous phenomenon.” 

The Christian tradition, Jędraszewski said, “is being questioned by new movements, and each tries to impose itself as binding doctrine.”

“It’s a very dangerous phenomenon because it’s not just that a teenager is trying to impose it, but that this activist is becoming an oracle for all political and social forces,” he continued.

“This is contrary to everything that is recorded in the Bible beginning with the Book of Genesis, which clearly mentions God’s miracle of Creation.” 

The Archbishop continued by saying that man is the pinnacle of this creation and was asked to name the animals and subdue the earth. Because he cannot find a partner among the  creatures, God gives the man a wife.  

“That is the vision of man and the world which Christianity proclaims and which is also a vision deeply rooted in Judaism,” Jędraszewski added. 

“Suddenly, everything is questioned or, that is, our culture is questioned, the whole natural order is reversed, beginning with the existence of God put to the question. The Creator, as well as the role and dignity of every person, is questioned.” 

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