Irish Senator Mark Daly calls on Irish government to begin preparations for a United Ireland following Brexit Britain’s election results in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Senator Mark Daly, who compiled the first report in the history of any Dáil (Irish Parliament) or Senate committee on Irish Unity, has called on the Irish government to make preparations for a United Ireland following the election results in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Given that Unionist Members of Parliament are now in a minority, for the first time since the establishment of Northern Ireland 99 years ago this month. At that time, of the 13 Members of Parliament,  11 were Unionists and two were Nationalists. That majority has now been reduced to 8 out of 18, which is clear of the trend that will continue.

To date not one of the 17 recommendations of the report by the All-Party Oireachtas Good Friday Agreement Committee “Brexit & the Future: Uniting Ireland & It’s People in Peace & Prosperity” which was adopted unanimously,  has been implemented by the Government.

In a statement, Senator Mark Daily said, “The lesson of Brexit is that a referendum requires long-term planning, engagement, and critically preparation. This is simply not being done by the Irish Government and is wreckless, policy neglect giving the results in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“For many Unionists in Northern Ireland, their link to the United Kingdom is through Scotland and if Scotland votes for independence then many will question the future of the Union. The Irish government needs to show the people of Northern Ireland, particularly the Unionist community a clear alternative and a vision for the future that is inclusive”.

As the Northern Irish election results emerged they showed the Democratic Unionist Party suffered major damage in this election with the Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds losing his seat to Sinn Fein’s John Finucane, in West Belfast, as long as two other Members of Parliament. They also failed to land another key target seat. 

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