Uh-oh. Mr Clever and Little Miss Curious are in trouble again. 

For one of their adventures in the Mr Men series of books has been deemed sexist by a furious she-student with a degree in women’s studies.

University of Glasgow PhD student Shelby Judge insisted this week that a storyline in which Mr Clever discussed Scotland’s Forth Bridge with Little Miss Curious, was deeply sexist.

Why? Because the female character is portrayed as a bit of a dimwit, while the male character is a know-all who sighs with impatience at her ignorance.

He should be renamed Mr Mansplain, suggests 24-year-old Miss Judge (no pun intended).

‘The Mr Men books are intended for children and it’s telling them, “girls, you need to be stupid and men, it’s your job to explain things,”‘ she adds.

This seems rather unfair, as inanity seems equally shared between the sexes in the popular books. 

For example, Mr Silly can’t even eat a boiled egg properly (shell and all, idiot) while Mr Bump is always saying ‘oh poopity poop’ as he walks into walls.

And when asked what was made of bacon and had pink ears, Mr Dizzy replied: ‘A mouse?’ What a chump.

If Little Miss Judge is concerned about Little Miss Curious, heaven forbid she should come across Little Miss Hug with her ‘extra special arms’ that fit perfectly around whoever she is hugging. There’s always one at every party, isn’t there? And it’s usually me.

However, this is not the first time that the much-loved Mr Men books, written by the late Roger Hargreaves, have been in trouble.

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