A court in France has sentenced a military-aged migrant from Afghanistan to a mere two years in prison after finding him guilty of sexually abusing a five-year-old girl.

During court proceedings, Ayub Miakhel, aged 27, denied sexually assaulting the toddler on the night of April 28th, 2018 in the French commune of Avranches. Despite his plea, the evidence presented to the Coutances correction court by the prosecution was enough for the judge to find Miakhel guilty of sexual assault, Ouest France reports.

The assault occurred at the residence of the Afghan, where he and three other migrants – two Afghans and a Sudanese national – lived at the time. The child’s mother had been sleeping on the floor of the apartment when she woke up to find her 5-year-old daughter in the same bed as the Afghan man.

The young girl then told her mother that the man touched her inappropriately and had tried to make her touch his genitals. The mother then relayed news of the incident to neighbors who then contacted the police. Shortly after, the perpetrator was arrested. 

When the police interviewed the victim, she told them that the Afghan man had put his hand down her underwear before asking her to touch his “hard sausage”. 

The case comes after a British court heard last week that a 12-year-old girl was “passed around like a piece of meat” by a group of Middle Eastern men who sold her for sex.

Prosecutors say the young girl was raped repeatedly, made to perform sexual acts in a churchyard, and was physically and emotionally abused by the group of Middle Eastern predators when she rejected their sexual advances.

Last month, four military-aged migrants from Eritrea were changed with the brutal gang rape of a 13-year-old Swedish girl in a public bathroom in the city of Hallsberg. One of the migrants filmed the entire attack take place.

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