A total of forty-eight Stockholm flats that housed the elderly before they were kicked out have been reopened to accommodate newly arrived migrants.  

This week, asylum seekers and migrants moved their belongings into Dianagården, a residential building in Stockholm that formerly housed the elderly until they were told they had to leave because the toilets in the building were five centimeters too small to comply with building regulations, Fria Tider reports.

According to the Swedish news outlet, politicians simply used the building code violation as a pretext to remove the elderly so that they could move the immigrants into the building at a later date. 

Although many Swedes were quite upset upon hearing about the news, Andrea Ström of the Moderate Party thinks the allocation of the 48 units to “contribute to integration” is a “very good” thing. 

Since the migrant crisis began in 2015, Sweden has taken in more asylum seekers and migrants per capita than any other country. In addition to facing growing violent crime and sexual assaults, Swedish municipalities are also running out of funds to support the welfare-dependent migrants.

Weeks ago, Voice of Europe reported that eight of ten municipalities in Sweden is set to slash funds for basic public services – including those for the disabled and the elderly – to offset the high cost of taking in large numbers of welfare-dependent migrants.

The situation in Sweden has deteriorated to such an extent that the Danish government has introduced border checks from Sweden to ensure their country’s security.

In October, the former CEO of Scania, a major trucking company in Sweden, warned that the country could be headed towards a civil war due to the social problems that have bubbled up as a result taking in massive numbers of migrants from alien cultures.

Voice of Europe