By Helena Handbasket – September 21st 2020

Ciaran O’Connor, writing for the, claims to be a researcher and investigator with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, (propaganda) a London-based think tank that works towards powering solutions to extremism, disinformation, and polarisation. (By lying about them)

He is, in fact, nothing more than a pathetic propagandist playing cover for mainstream media lies and deception over the Covid-19 hoax pandemic.

He does this by using the age old technique of smearing anyone who believes in free speech, freedom and the right to make their own choices, right wing extremists. By that definition, he is therefore a right wing extremist as he believes in wearing masks, social distancing and in general the stripping away of all rights which every human being has. He has the right to voice that opinion and has done so publically, in an online mainstream virtual rag, to propagandise fiction over facts, whilst clearly hypocritically claiming to seek truth in media reporting.

This creature is a coward, something endemic in so called ‘journalist’ circles of our era. They are pathetic mouthpieces for tyrants and liars to the public and themselves. They do not care one iota about factual information, even when that factual information comes from their own ‘authorised’ sources.

On the issue of masks, to give just a very simple example, it states in English on the packaging that these masks DO NOT protect the wearer from viruses and should not be used for that purpose. Where is the ambiguity in that? Where is the right wing extremist diatribe? Where is the lie? Where is the misinformation/disinformation?

Right now in Ireland, government psychopaths such as Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health Death would have the nation believe that the mythical ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 is lurking around every corner and ‘wet’ bar in Ireland just waiting for unsuspecting human habitats to get too close for 15 minutes, at a distance of 2 meters, or 6‘ 8” in Imperial measurement, , without a mask, because the virus knows what jurisdiction it’s in. It can also tell the time and know what time certain stores open and close, and presumably what special foods people have eaten to see if they’re more prone to infection. Perhaps people need to carry bulbs of garlic to ward off this clever little creature known as Covid-19, which seems to be vastly more intelligent than the politicians and media supposedly hunting it down; certainly more so than the pathetic Ciaran O’Connor who it would appear would not know factual information if the elusive Covid-19 virus whispered it in his ear.

“Reduce your close contacts by half over the next week.”

Half of what exactly? Perhaps we should ask Covid?

But I suggest O’Connor, prostitute doctors and politicians and their paymasters have a different type of virus to contend with which is far more of a risk to the nation than a common cold.

That virus is of course the pathological liar virus which permeates every mainstream rag in terms of broadcasting, publication in print and online in Ireland today, and across the world who have sold their souls to the evil of the World Economic Forum and others to do their bidding for them to bring about their promised green Utopia which, once it’s done with these useful idiots, will slaughter them without a modicum of regret and possibly use their remains as fertiliser. What else would you do with manure?

Today’s ‘case’ numbers from Ireland which are meant to terrify the public unless you can still do simple arithmetic, struggle to get the infection rate above 0.1%, and no deaths. As the government continues to reinforce the lie, backed by the likes of pathological liars and propagandists like O’Connor, that tests work and show the spread of Covid-19, it is a FACT that they do not work, they do not test for Covid-19, but are simply picking up traces of previous common cold infections, otherwise known as coronaviruses, as well as traces of previous flu vaccines.

The inconvenient truth for these useful covidiot liars is that there is no pandemic and there never was a pandemic.

The case for a pandemic has fallen apart quicker than cocaine disappearing up a media hack’s nose.

But when you’re high on the drug of lies,, what does the truth matter?